Three Essential Apps

Before even landing at the airport in the UAE, make sure you have three essential apps. Not only will you hit the ground running, but you well keep a little more of your money, as you learn to expat.

When you arrive at the airport the first thing you need to do is get to your hotel without breaking the bank. As you attempt to walk out to the curb with your bags, you will be accosted by transportation handlers. There will be the professional looking ones behind desks and also random people walking around asking you if you need a taxi. Ignore them all! They will hustle you into one of their vehicles and quickly get you to agree to an overpriced fare that does not involve turning on the meter.

Instead make sure you have already downloaded a taxi app such as Abu Dhabi Taxi App. Call your taxi using your app before you leave baggage claim with your luggage. It usually takes a few minutes to arrive and they will give you a license plate number to look for at the curb with a nice little text. Often the taxi driver will call you directly to inform you when they will arrive. You will then be armed with the phrase when you are approached, “I already have a taxi, thank you.” Make sure the taxi driver turns the meter on and ask for a receipt when you get to your destination.

When you get to your hotel, you will be dazed and possibly a little hungry. If you don’t want to go down to the hotel restaurants because you would rather just take your shoes off and put your feet up; you have the Talabat App at your fingertips. Food delivery is quick and affordable. There are many offerings that will give you more options than your hotel.

If you do want to go out after your bags have been delivered to your room and you have your family with you then use your Entertainer App. In our case we chose our location as Abu Dhabi. This app allows you to get two for one in many venues. Most likely, even your hotel will have their restaurants listed. This by far has continued to be one of our most valuable in terms of cost saving apps! We have six people that are here in Abu Dhabi. So, we essentially pay for three meals when we go out. You can use up to four per visit. Make sure and alert your server that you have an Entertainer app before you order. Save yourself a headache and be assertive with the number you plan to use. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure that the items you choose to order are indeed covered by the voucher. Unfortunately, the servers try to limit the number of vouchers you cash in despite being allowed four by the app.

Hopefully your arrival goes smoothly armed with these three apps! Thank you for joining us on our adventure as we expat in Abu Dhabi!

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