A Watched Quarantine

Upon entering the UAE in December, I was Covid tested again right at the airport in Abu Dhabi. Of course, it was negative as I just got one prior to getting on the plane in the States. As an extra precaution I was given a tracking watch and asked to self-quarantine in my Villa for 14 days. Luckily, in our Villa there is plenty of room and a walled courtyard that I can get outside and enjoy the weather.

After the 14 days I will be retested. Then in another three days if my test is negative, I will be allowed to remove the watch. I chose to quarantine in Abu Dhabi because my kids wanted to stay at home verses vacation in Dubai. In Dubai tourists can roam freely during the 14-day quarantine with masks and social distancing.

I feel like I have been Covid tested so often and traveled with others who have also tested, so there was truly little anxiety on my part.

Its good to have a plan to navigate Covid as we navigate the world. Being an expat and traveling is still possible!

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