Amazon You are Still the One

Amazon is alive and well in the UAE! Many of us during Covid and from the beginning of the company for me, have relied on Amazon for almost everything. The free shipping offered to Prime Members has made me a loyal customer while in the States. I have loved the offerings of groceries delivered in hours with Amazon Fresh in Texas.

For all the expats learning about the UAE, I am pleased to announce you will love Amazon just as much here. I could argue that you will love it even more.

If you miss any of the US’s brands, Amazon has you covered. What you cannot get from the distribution center here, can be shipped over from the states (or the EU) in a reasonable amount of time.

Amazon purchased Souq shortly after I arrived over four years ago. Souq kept their platform for those familiar with the company. But you will notice that it calls itself an Amazon Company. Good thinking Amazon.

The transition happened seamlessly, in my opinion. I am a tough customer at times when it comes to service, so that speaks highly of the transition team.

If you are concerned about shopping as you learn how to expat, Amazon has you covered!

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