The UAE is the Expert for Expats

The UAE’s organization has paid off for travelers. Many of us have had a bit of a difficult time keeping up with all the changing restrictions concerning Covid. Yet the UAE and their digital infrastructure has taken it all in stride. Of course, I am comparing this to the United States and what it means for American Expats.

There are no immigrants with Covid flooding the UAE border. The borders between Abu Dhabi and Dubai are seamlessly managed (even with an International Airport in each city). I have had to fly into Dubai because it is the only direct flight from Dallas at the moment. Emirates and Etihad are adding flights daily as they recover from Covid restrictions. I then cross the border to Abu Dhabi where our family has a villa. There is a lot of traffic back and forth over the border that is just between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

No matter the time of day or night, there is staff and fully functioning technology handling the flow of people. There are kind official staff everywhere a tourist or expat would find themselves directing them through the ever changing process. If you have a question upon arrival, you can simply ask! However, chances are someone at your arrival point will already be kindly directing you. With the 15.92 million tourists that come to Dubai each year, as well as the local and expat travelers, the UAE deserves some recognition. The US struggles to even document workers and voters.

Now with Alhosn, it will be even easier to move around the country with concise Covid status. For such an international city and with the Dubai Expo 2020 rescheduled to October 2021, the UAE has me convinced that they can easily handle the added tourist population.

Perhaps the UAE might consider contracting their services to the United States. We certainly could use their infrastructure for our borders!

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